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Community Questions - TENS Machines?

"I've been recommended to get a TENS machine for labour but not really sure what it is and where to get one from? Have any of you mums used one? Thank you"

TENS Machines can provide some relief during the early stages of labour - we have all used one here at Carol App and found it to be a great way to ease the pain in the early stages of labour so would recommend getting one if you are thinking about it but as always, please speak with your midwife or GP before purchasing a TENS machine to check whether it would be suitable for you. It's important to note that TENS machines can't be used if you suffer heart problems, have a heart pacemaker or suffer from epilepsy.

How TENS machines work is that they provide tiny electric shocks to the body which interfere with pain messages being sent to the brain - hence why they can offer some pain relief in the early stages of about! TENS machines generally attach to your back muscles by sticky patches which are then attached to the machine via thin wires - the pulses start off fairly light and you can increase them as you feel appropriate for you.

Some of our top TENS machines are:

Elle TENS2 - £79.99

You can either rent or buy your TENS machine with renting costing around £20 - £40.

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