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Community Questions - Travelling when pregnant.

"Hey! I'm due to go abroad with my husband and I'm pregnant with my first, do you have any tips for travelling when pregnant? I'll be 28 weeks."

Travelling when pregnant and whether it is safe to do so depends on how many weeks you are when you travel, if there have been any complications in your pregnancy and where you are planning to travel to.

We would always recommend speaking with your Midwife and GP before travelling abroad when pregnant. It is generally considered safe to travel abroad before Week 36 if you have a healthy pregnancy with no complications, but always check the airline and their policy just to be sure! Often the airline will want a signed letter from either your Doctor or Midwife if you are over 28 weeks confirming that you are fit to travel as well as confirming your due date.

Some tips for when you're travelling abroad when pregnant that have helped us on the Carol App Team are:

- Booking an Aisle seat - especially handy for those frequent trips to the bathroom as your pregnancy progresses, it also offers a little more space if you are on the aisle!

- Compression stockings for longer flights (over 4 hours) - help to reduce swelling in your legs and feet. As well as trying to keep moving every 30-45 mins.

- Wear comfortable clothing - there's nothing worse than sitting in a plane seat for an extended period of time, never mind when pregnant! Make sure you wear your comfiest, loosest items to make the journey a little more comfortable for you!

- Make sure you take snacks and a lot of fluids with you for the journey!

Hope that helps!

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