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Pregnancy Trimesters Explained | Carol App

Pregnancy Trimesters Explained

Pregnancy is an exciting time, filled with changes and new experiences. Here at Carol App, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way, created by mums for mums. Learn more about us here. This guide will help you understand the various stages of pregnancy, divided into trimesters, and what you can expect in each one. Every pregnancy is different so please reach out to your midwife/GP for any questions or concerns you may have.

First Trimester: Weeks 1-12

The first trimester of your pregnancy is a time of rapid development. This period encompasses the first 12 weeks, during which your tiny bundle of joy grows from a fertilised egg into a fetus with functioning organs. You may experience symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and frequent urination. It's recommended to start prenatal vitamins, maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated and take it easy, the first trimester can be exhausting.

Second Trimester: Weeks 13-26

Often referred to as the 'honeymoon phase' of pregnancy, the second trimester is usually marked by a decrease in first-trimester symptoms. You'll start to see a growing baby bump and your baby starts to develops hair, skin, and nails. You may even begin to feel your baby’s movements, which can be an incredibly exciting experience. This is also a good time to start thinking about what baby items you want - prams, baby carriers, baby play gyms, check out our recommended products here.

Third Trimester: Weeks 27-Birth

The third trimester brings you to the final stretch. Your baby will continue to grow and mature, and you might feel more uncomfortable as your body accommodates this growth. Common symptoms include backaches, swollen ankles, and difficulty sleeping. This is the time to finalise your birth plan if you wish to write one and pack your hospital bag, as your little one could arrive any time from week 37.

Remember, pregnancy can vary from individual to individual, and these are just general guidelines. It's completely normal if your experience doesn’t align perfectly with these descriptions. Listen to your body, take care of yourself, and don't hesitate to contact your midwife/GP with any concerns or queries. We at Carol App hope this guide helps understand the three trimesters. Remember, you're not alone mama.

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