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The Review - Baby Bjorn Carrier Mini

Baby Bjorn Carrier Mini - £95

We loved the Baby Bjorn Carrier Mini. It's comfortable, stylish, easy to wash and very easy to use. The Baby Bjorn Carrier Mini can be used from newborn unlike many other carriers on the market. The carrier has strong head support, very soft but supportive material and so easy to put on which is a huge plus!

“The baby carrier gently hugs your newborn’s back, legs and hips, and provides good support so that they sit in a comfy, ergonomic position. Through the fabric, you can feel your newborn’s position and the natural C curve of their back with your hands.”

The Mini has the ability to be adjusted to perfectly support the size of your baby. The strap at the bottom of the carrier enables you to adjust the carrier size which was another key selling point for us before purchasing.

The Mini can be used for inward facing for newborns up until baby is around 5 months when you can either face your baby outwards or inwards.

If you are looking for a fuss-free, simple carrier that can be used from birth, the Mini may be for you. It's important to note however that the Mini is to be used for the first year of a baby's life only, unlike other carriers which are available.


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