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The Review - Bamboo Bamboo

Bamboo Bamboo Baby & Toddler Tableware

Suction Bowl & Spoon - £16.99

We get asked all the time from our community for our recommended weaning products so we thought we would do our next review on the Bamboo Bamboo products as we have all used them throughout our weaning journeys with our little ones and still use them as our little ones have grown older!

Our top product from Bamboo Bamboo for weaning is the baby suction bowl and spoon set (pictured above). We love the suction bowl with removable silicone which means it can be very easily cleaned, the bowl is 100% bamboo, sticks firmly to your highchair tray or table and lasts! It's great for weaning babies and into toddlerhood too - definitely worth the money.

Another product we love from Bamboo Bamboo is the baby sippy cup which is perfect for transitioning little ones from bottle to cup. The sippy cup also comes with a removable silicone inner which means it's also very easy to clean and can also be used for yoghurt or snacks!

Bamboo Bamboo also offer a range of other products for weaning and feeding your little ones from animal design plates, plates with compartments and spoons in different colourways.

Bamboo bamboo products aren't suitable for the microwave and need to be hand washed to be cared for properly - we have had ours for years and they are still going strong!

We would highly recommend Bamboo Bamboo for baby and toddler tableware and they are worth the price!

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