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Snuzpod 4 - A New Mum's Review

SnuzPod 4 - bedside crib £199.99

When looking for the right baby product, you want to know whether it's worth the money and will last, especially when it comes to baby furniture. The sleek, stylish design of the SnuzPod along with the standalone mode, bedside mode, 3D mesh that can be washed in the washing machine, the cot mattress that can fit perfectly to the height of your adult bed frame, are just some of the reasons why the SnuzPod 4 is brilliant. The SnuzPod and it's lowest height will easily attach onto different styles of beds including frame beds. The SnuzPod offers 3-in-1 functionality as it can also work as a standalone crib with a portable bassinet which you an carry into the living room for daytime naps! The crib also comes with a slatted bassinet base for increased breathability and a mesh liner for increased base ventilation helping to regulate your baby's temperature for a good night's sleep. The crib also comes with a gentle reflux incline and rocking stand and the SnuzPod has been expertly designed for a safe bonding experience by keeping your little one close. The zip-down panel enables access to baby easily and is an innovative design in comparison to traditional bedside cribs.

Not only is the SnuzPod 4 stylish, chic and practical, but it also has a reflux incline, rocking function, breathable mattress, mesh bumper and a washable mesh liner and the bassinet is portable meaning you can lift it from the base.

The SnuzPod 4 works well as a bedside crib with the side being able to fold down meaning the crib can be right next to your bed so you can put your hand on your little one if they are stirring, lift them easily to feed without having to climb out of bed and you can gently rock the crib with it's rocking mechanism. The crib also helps to regulate your baby's temperature with its innovative ComfortAir system and 3D Mesh Cover. The Breathable Mattress and removable bassinet (lift-off bassinet) as well as the option to have the standalone crib and half-height zip-down wall are all very useful! The snuzpod also fits more beds than any other traditional bedside crib. We love the SnuzPod4 crib!

The SnuzPod 4 also has a storage compartment beneath the crib which is really handy for nappies, wipes, changes of clothes for your little one and anything else you may want handy. The Zip Down Wall is great for when you have your little one next to you and makes night time feeding much easier! The SnuzPod 4 also has a handy reflux leg which is great if your little one suffers with reflux! The Reflux Leg is so easy to attach and works really well giving a natural reflux tilt to help reduce reflux in your little one - especially handy after a night feed. The crib also converts to a stand-alone crib.

We absolutely loved using our SnuzPod 4 for our baby and it's one of our top recommended products! The crib isn't too large that it takes up too much space yet is bigger than our moses basket so our baby will be able to use it for a longer period of time. It's worth the price in our opinion! The covers of the crib are all machine washable which is also super handy!

The main downside is that we found the SnuzPod 4 quite complex to put together and the crib isn't foldable so if you are wanting a bedside crib that folds it isn't going to work for you.

SnuzPod 4 Specifications:

Weight - 11.5kg Suitable from birth to approximately 6 months SnuzPod⁴ crib complies with BS EN 1130:2019 Made using quality sustainably sourced Beech solid wood and plywood

The SnuzPod is designed to fit divan, ottoman and framed bed bases. Suitable for bedside use where the top surface of the adult mattress is level with the top of the zip down wall of the SnuzPod⁴, up to a maximum height of 73cm from the floor.

Included: Bed straps (fits divan, ottoman and framed beds) Included: Breathable mattress certified and the perfect fit for SnuzPod⁴ (40 x 75.5 x 3cm).

Complies with BS EN 16890:2017.

ComfortAir mesh liner has been tested to BS 4578 for breathability and air-flow External size: L100 x 49 x H95 (maximum height) Product weight: 11.5kg Requires self-assembly Zip-Down Mesh Wall Lightweight Lift-Off Bassinet Adjustable Height Settings Minimalist Design Quilted Mattress for extra comfort Choice of colours Dual-View Mesh Windows, Soft Mesh Liner, Portable Bassinet, Reflux Leg Materials:

Wooden frame: Beech faced plywood and solid beech White Fabric Bag: 99% Polyester. 1% Nylon Grey Fabric Bag: 100% Polyester ComfortAir Liner: 100% Polyester Mattress: Cover: 100% Polyester, Filling: 100% Polyurethane CV Foam Care:

Mattress cover can be washed according to manufacturer's instructions.

A waterproof mattress protector must be used.

Key Features:

Washable Mesh Liner

Converts into a standalone crib

Uk's best selling bedside crib!

Removable fabric bag can be hand washed ComfortAir liner can be washed according to manufacturer's instructions Warnings:

WARNING: Stop using the product as soon as the child can sit, kneel, or pull itself up. This product is only suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided.

WARNING: The product shall not be used before reading the instructions for use.

Maximum recommended weight of child is 9KG (20lbs).

Mattress included is not suitable for use with a sensor pad.

Lightweight Lift-Off Bassinet, removable fabric

Zip Down Wall

Meets new bedside crib safety standard

When using a mattress with SnuzPod4, ensure that the internal dimensions of your furniture are no greater than: 420mm width x 775mm length. The maximum gap between the mattress and the sides and ends should not exceed 20mm.

Fits divan and framed beds SnuzPod⁴ crib complies with BS EN 1130:2019 bedside crib removable bassinet standalone crib, premium quality mattress, contemporary style.

What is the snuzpod 4?

The SnuzPod 4 is a modern and innovative bedside crib that provides a safe and convenient sleeping solution for newborns. Designed to meet the highest safety standards, the SnuzPod 4 offers a variety of features that make it both practical and comfortable for both baby and parent. With its machine washable fabric, breathable mattress, and removable bassinet, the SnuzPod 4 is easy to keep clean and maintain. It also includes a gentle reflux incline option, allowing babies with reflux to sleep comfortably. The SnuzPod 4 is made with premium quality materials and provides maximum support and comfort for the baby. With its adjustable height settings, washable mesh liner, and base ventilation, the SnuzPod 4 offers a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for babies. Overall, the SnuzPod 4 is a reliable and stylish choice for parents who want a convenient and practical bedside crib.

Key Features of the snuzpod 4

The SnuzPod 4 is a top-of-the-line bedside crib that offers a range of key features to provide the utmost comfort and safety for both baby and parent. One of its standout features is the ComfortAir breathable system, which ensures optimal temperature regulation and airflow for a peaceful night's sleep. This innovative system helps to prevent overheating and provides a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

Safety is paramount with the SnuzPod 4, as it is JMPA certified, meeting the highest safety standards. This certification gives parents peace of mind knowing that their baby is sleeping in a crib that has undergone rigorous testing and meets all necessary safety requirements.

Additionally, the SnuzPod 4 offers 7 height settings, allowing it to easily adapt to different adult bed heights. This makes it convenient for parents to have their baby at the perfect height for easy access during the night. This feature also makes it suitable for beds with divan bases, as it can be adjusted to fit securely.

The SnuzPod 4 is proudly designed in the UK and crafted from sustainably sourced wood, ensuring both quality and ethical production. It also features a lightweight lift-off bassinet, making it easy to transport and perfect for parents on the go.

In summary, the SnuzPod 4's key features, including the ComfortAir breathable system, JMPA certification, and 7 height settings, combined with its UK design and sustainably sourced wood, make it a top choice for parents looking for a safe and comfortable sleeping solution for their baby.


Design plays a crucial role in the overall functionality and appeal of any product, and the SnuzPod 4 excels in this aspect. With its sleek and modern design, this bedside crib seamlessly blends with any bedroom decor. The sustainably sourced wood used in its construction not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability. The lightweight lift-off bassinet adds to the convenience of this crib, allowing it to be easily transported from room to room. The SnuzPod 4 is not only designed with aesthetics in mind but also prioritizes safety and practicality, making it a top choice for parents looking for a stylish and functional bedside crib.

Maximum Height

The Snuzpod 4 offers maximum versatility with its adjustable height feature. This innovative bedside crib can be adjusted to different height settings, giving you the freedom to find the perfect level for your needs. Whether you have a high bed or prefer a lower position, the Snuzpod 4 has got you covered.

With the ability to adjust the height, you can easily bring the crib to the same level as your bed, promoting safer co-sleeping. This not only allows for easy access to your baby during nighttime feeds and comfort, but it also meets the latest bedside crib safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

The convenience of adjusting the height is especially valuable for mothers who have just given birth or are recovering from a C-section. It eliminates the need to bend down or strain when picking up your little one, making bonding moments easier and more comfortable.

The maximum height of the Snuzpod 4 provides a range of options, allowing you to find the most suitable height for you and your baby. This adjustable feature ensures that you can create a seamless sleep environment for your little one, with both safety and convenience in mind.

Experience the benefits of the maximum height feature with the Snuzpod 4, offering a safe and convenient sleeping solution for both baby and parents.

Base Ventilation

The Snuzpod 4 comes equipped with a base ventilation feature that ensures optimal airflow and breathability for your baby while they sleep. This innovative design allows for a constant exchange of fresh air, helping to regulate temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.

The base ventilation system works by creating small openings in the crib's base, which allows air to flow freely throughout the sleeping area. This ensures that your little one remains comfortable and cool, even during warmer nights. The circulation of fresh air not only promotes a more comfortable sleeping environment but also helps to prevent the buildup of moisture and potential allergens.

By providing a constant flow of air, the base ventilation feature helps to regulate temperature, preventing your baby from becoming too hot or sweaty. This is particularly important during the summer months or if you live in a warmer climate. With the Snuzpod 4's base ventilation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment.

Incorporating the latest technology and design, the Snuzpod 4 is committed to ensuring your baby's safety and well-being. With its base ventilation feature, you can rest easy knowing that your little one is experiencing optimal airflow and breathability throughout the night.

Mesh Wall

The Snuzpod 4 features a unique mesh wall that serves important purposes and offers numerous benefits for both the baby and the parent. The mesh wall is designed to provide excellent breathability and promote optimal air circulation, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

Made with an air-permeable mesh liner, the mesh wall allows for unrestricted airflow, helping to regulate the baby's body temperature and prevent them from becoming too hot or sweaty. This is particularly beneficial during warmer months or in regions with a hot climate. The breathable mesh also helps to prevent the buildup of moisture and potential allergens, promoting a healthy sleeping environment.

Additionally, the mesh wall of the Snuzpod 4 features strategically placed mesh vents, further enhancing air circulation within the crib. This constant flow of fresh air ensures that your baby remains comfortable and cool throughout the night, minimizing the risk of overheating.

Overall, the mesh wall of the Snuzpod 4 is a key feature that prioritizes breathability and air circulation. It provides peace of mind for parents, knowing that their baby is sleeping in a crib that offers optimal airflow and a comfortable sleeping environment.

3D Mesh Cover

The Snuzpod 4 is designed with a 3D mesh cover that offers enhanced air flow and breathability to ensure your baby stays cool and comfortable throughout their sleep. This innovative cover has several features that contribute to a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

The 3D mesh cover promotes excellent air flow, allowing fresh air to circulate freely around your baby. This helps regulate their body temperature, preventing them from becoming too hot or sweaty during the night. The breathable nature of the mesh cover also prevents the buildup of moisture, reducing the risk of dampness or the growth of potential allergens.

The 3D structure of the mesh fabric provides maximum breathability. Its unique design allows air to pass through easily, ensuring that your baby can enjoy a constant supply of fresh air throughout the night. This promotes a healthy sleeping environment and reduces the risk of overheating or discomfort.

Furthermore, the 3D mesh cover adds an extra layer of comfort for your baby. Its soft and gentle texture is soothing to the touch, providing a cozy and relaxing surface for sleep. The cover is also removable, making it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

Overall, the 3D mesh cover of the Snuzpod 4 has several advantages. It enhances air flow and breathability, ensuring your baby remains cool and comfortable. It also contributes to a safe sleeping environment by reducing the risk of overheating and promoting a healthy airflow. The soft and removable nature of the cover adds additional comfort and convenience for both baby and parent.

Air Flow System

The snuzpod 4 boasts an innovative Air Flow System that ensures proper ventilation and breathability for your baby. This system is designed to create a healthy sleeping environment by allowing fresh air to circulate freely throughout the crib.

The Air Flow System works by incorporating several key features and design elements. Firstly, the 3D mesh cover promotes excellent air flow, allowing ample ventilation to regulate the baby's body temperature. Its breathable nature prevents moisture buildup, reducing the risk of discomfort or allergens.

In addition, the mesh vents strategically placed on the snuzpod 4 facilitate optimal air circulation. These vents allow for a constant supply of fresh air, minimizing the risk of overheating and ensuring a comfortable sleep for your baby.

Furthermore, the snuzpod 4's base ventilation enhances the effectiveness of the Air Flow System. This ventilation mechanism improves air circulation by allowing fresh air to enter from below, effectively preventing the buildup of stale air within the crib.

The Air Flow System in the snuzpod 4 guarantees that your baby will sleep comfortably and safely. It prioritizes proper ventilation and breathability, creating an environment that minimizes the risk of overheating and promotes a restful sleep. With its thoughtful design and innovative features, the snuzpod 4 ensures that your little one stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Round Better Support and Zip Down Wall

The Snuzpod 4 boasts two innovative features, the round better support and zip down wall, which greatly enhance the functionality and convenience of this bedside crib.

The round better support is specially designed to provide optimal stability and support for the crib. It features a sturdy and robust structure that ensures the crib remains steady and secure while your baby sleeps. This eliminates any worries about the crib shifting or tilting during the night, giving parents peace of mind.

The zip down wall is a game-changer when it comes to convenience. With this feature, parents can easily access their baby without having to lean over or fully lift them out of the crib. The zip down wall allows for effortless interaction, making it easier to soothe, feed, or comfort your little one throughout the night. This feature not only saves time and effort, but it also promotes increased parent-child bonding and fosters a sense of closeness.

The benefits and advantages of these features are vast. The round better support ensures a stable and secure sleeping environment for your baby, guaranteeing a restful and safe sleep. The zip down wall provides unparalleled convenience, allowing for seamless interaction and ease of use for parents. These features enhance the overall functionality and convenience of the Snuzpod 4, making it a top choice for parents seeking a bedside crib that offers both stability and easy access to their baby.

Removable Fabric and Bassinet

The Snuzpod 4 comes with two convenient attachments - the removable fabric and the removable bassinet, both of which offer numerous benefits for parents and their babies.

The removable fabric is a practical feature that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Whether it's a small mess or a larger accident, parents can simply detach the fabric from the crib and toss it in the washing machine for a quick and thorough clean. This ensures that the crib remains fresh and hygienic, providing a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

Similarly, the removable bassinet is designed for easy removal and cleaning. This attachment provides a cozy and secure spot for your baby to sleep in their early months. When it's time to clean, simply detach the bassinet from the crib, remove the fabric lining, and wash it as needed. The bassinet can also be easily reattached to the crib, allowing for seamless transitions between sleeping options as your baby grows.

To remove the fabric and bassinet, follow these simple steps:

1. Unzip the fabric or bassinet attachment from the crib.

2. Gently lift the attachment off the crib frame.

3. If needed, remove any additional fastenings or straps holding the attachment in place.

4. Clean or launder the fabric or bassinet as desired.

5. To reattach, follow the reverse steps, ensuring the attachment is securely fastened to the crib.

The removable fabric and bassinet attachments offer the perfect combination of convenience and cleanliness, making the Snuzpod 4 a top choice for parents seeking a practical and durable bedside crib.

Washable Mesh Liner

The washable mesh liner is an essential component of the Snuzpod 4, providing a breathable and air-permeable enclosure for your baby's sleeping area. Made from high-quality materials, the mesh liner promotes healthy airflow and ventilation, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep environment.

To keep the washable mesh liner clean and fresh, it is important to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Typically, the liner can be easily removed from the crib and washed in the machine on a gentle cycle. It is recommended to use mild detergent and cold water to preserve the quality of the liner.

In addition to regular cleaning, it is highly recommended to use a waterproof mattress protector in conjunction with the washable mesh liner. This extra layer of protection safeguards the mattress from any little accidents or spills, keeping it clean and hygienic for your baby's delicate skin.

By using the washable mesh liner and a waterproof mattress protector, parents can ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep environment for their little one. These features not only provide breathability and air-permeability, but also make the cleaning process quick and easy, giving parents peace of mind.

Experience the benefits of the washable mesh liner and take advantage of its care instructions to maintain a safe and clean sleeping space for your baby.

Adult Mattress Option

The Snuzpod 4 offers an adult mattress option that enhances the comfort and versatility of this traditional bedside crib. With the adult mattress, parents can easily convert their Snuzpod into a cozy sleep space for themselves, allowing them to stay close to their baby while enjoying a good night's sleep.

The adult mattress is designed with premium quality materials to ensure optimum comfort for parents. It provides a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface, allowing parents to rest peacefully through the night. This feature makes the Snuzpod 4 a truly versatile choice for families, accommodating both baby and parent comfortably.

Not only does the adult mattress option enhance comfort, but it also offers compatibility with different bed styles. Whether you have a divan or a standard bed frame, the Snuzpod 4's adult mattress can easily fit and provide a seamless sleep experience for parents.

In addition to its comfort and versatility, the adult mattress option also offers health benefits. It is made with materials that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy sleep environment for both parent and baby. This is particularly important for those with allergies or sensitive skin, providing peace of mind and a restful night's sleep.

In summary, the Snuzpod 4's adult mattress option provides exceptional comfort, versatility, compatibility with various bed styles, and health benefits. It is a premium addition to the bedside crib, allowing parents to rest comfortably and enjoy the benefits of staying close to their baby throughout the night.

Comfort Features

Comfort Features: The Snuzpod 4 is designed with utmost comfort in mind for both parent and baby. With its premium quality adult mattress, parents can enjoy a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface, enabling them to have a restful night's sleep. The mattress is made with high-quality materials, ensuring optimum comfort and durability. It is a perfect choice for parents who value their sleep and want to provide the best sleeping experience for themselves. In addition to comfort, the Snuzpod 4 also offers versatility, with its compatibility with different bed styles, including divans and standard bed frames. This ensures a seamless sleep experience for parents, regardless of their bed style. Overall, the Snuzpod 4's comfort features provide a cozy and relaxing environment for both parent and baby.

Gentle Reflux Incline Option

The Snuzpod 4 is equipped with a unique feature designed to bring comfort to babies with reflux: the gentle reflux incline option. This innovative feature helps soothe and alleviate the discomfort caused by reflux, providing a more peaceful sleep for both baby and parents.

The gentle reflux incline option works by allowing the crib to be tilted slightly, creating a gentle slope. This elevation helps prevent stomach acid from flowing back up the esophagus, reducing the frequency and severity of reflux episodes. By positioning the baby at a slight incline, the gentle reflux incline option promotes better digestion and minimizes the chances of uncomfortable regurgitation.

To achieve this incline, the Snuzpod 4 includes a reflux leg that can be attached to the crib. This leg is specifically designed to raise one side of the crib, creating the desired slope. By using the reflux leg, parents can customize the incline angle to suit their baby's needs, providing optimal comfort and relief.

It is important to note that the reflux tilt feature has been thoroughly tested and approved for use only when the Snuzpod 4 is in standalone mode, with the wall up and pole in place. This ensures the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

The gentle reflux incline option in the Snuzpod 4 is a game-changer for parents dealing with reflux in their babies. It offers a practical solution to soothe and comfort little ones, allowing for more restful sleep and a better overall experience for both baby and parent.

Removable Bassinet Attachment

The Snuzpod 4 comes with a convenient removable bassinet attachment, designed to provide a cozy sleeping space for newborns. This feature allows parents to keep their baby close while ensuring their little one has a secure and comfortable place to rest.

The removable bassinet attachment of the Snuzpod 4 is incredibly easy to use. It can be effortlessly attached and detached from the main crib, making it convenient for parents to move their sleeping baby without disturbing their peaceful slumber. This feature is especially beneficial for nighttime feedings or when parents want to have their baby close by during daytime naps.

The bassinet attachment offers a snug and safe sleeping space for newborns, providing a sense of security and comfort throughout the night. Its removable design makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic sleeping environment for your little one.

With the removable bassinet attachment, the Snuzpod 4 offers parents the flexibility to choose the sleeping arrangement that works best for them and their baby. Whether it's keeping the bassinet attached for easy accessibility or detaching it for use as a standalone crib, the Snuzpod 4 provides a versatile and convenient sleeping solution for parents and their newborns.


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