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The Review - SnuzPod 4

SnuzPod 4 - £199.99

Not only is the SnuzPod 4 stylish, chic and practical, but it also has a reflux incline, rocking function, breathable mattress, mesh bumper and a washable mesh liner and the bassinet is portable meaning you can lift it from the base.

The SnuzPod 4 works well as a bedside crib with the side being able to fold down meaning the crib can be right next to your bed so you can put your hand on your little one if they are stirring, lift them easily to feed without having to climb out of bed and you can gently rock the crib with it's rocking mechanism. The crib also helps to regulate your baby's temperature with its innovative ComfortAir system.

The SnuzPod 4 also has a storage compartment beneath the crib which is really handy for nappies, wipes, changes of clothes for your little one and anything else you may want handy.

We absolutely loved using our SnuzPod 4 for our baby and it's one of our top recommended products! The crib isn't too large that it takes up too much space yet is bigger than our moses basket so our baby will be able to use it for a longer period of time. It's worth the price in our opinion!

The main downside is that we found the SnuzPod 4 quite complex to put together and the crib isn't foldable so if you are wanting a bedside crib that folds it isn't going to work for you.

SnuzPod 4 Specifications:

  • Weight - 11.5kg

  • Suitable from birth to approximately 6 months

  • SnuzPod⁴ crib complies with BS EN 1130:2019

  • Made using quality sustainably sourced Beech solid wood and plywood

  • The SnuzPod is designed to fit divan, ottoman and framed bed bases. Suitable for bedside use where the top surface of the adult mattress is level with the top of the zip down wall of the SnuzPod⁴, up to a maximum height of 73cm from the floor.

  • Included: Bed straps (fits divan, ottoman and framed beds)

  • Included: Breathable mattress certified and the perfect fit for SnuzPod⁴ (40 x 75.5 x 3cm).

  • Complies with BS EN 16890:2017.

  • ComfortAir mesh liner has been tested to BS 4578 for breathability and air-flow

  • External size: L100 x 49 x H95 (maximum height)

  • Product weight: 11.5kg

  • Requires self-assembly

  • Images are for guidance only

  • Wooden frame: Beech faced plywood and solid beech

  • White Fabric Bag: 99% Polyester. 1% Nylon

  • Grey Fabric Bag: 100% Polyester

  • ComfortAir Liner: 100% Polyester

  • Mattress: Cover: 100% Polyester, Filling: 100% Polyurethane CV Foam

  • Mattress cover can be washed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  • A waterproof mattress protector must be used.

  • Removable fabric bag can be hand washed

  • ComfortAir liner can be washed according to manufacturer’s instructions

  • WARNING: Stop using the product as soon as the child can sit, kneel, or pull itself up. This product is only suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided.

  • WARNING: The product shall not be used before reading the instructions for use.

  • Maximum recommended weight of child is 9KG (20lbs).

  • Mattress included is not suitable for use with a sensor pad.

  • When using a mattress with SnuzPod4, ensure that the internal dimensions of your furniture are no greater than: 420mm width x 775mm length. The maximum gap between the mattress and the sides and ends should not exceed 20mm.

  • Fits divan and framed beds

  • SnuzPod⁴ crib complies with BS EN 1130:2019

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