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Meet Carol.
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connecting and supporting 
Mums throughout their Motherhood journey.


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80% of mums say that they feel lonely. This needs to change.

Carol offers a space for mums to connect, build their community, find their 'village', support each other through the hard times and good times of Motherhood and know that they are not alone. Mums also have access to expert-led resources across pregnancy, postpartum, baby sleep, baby feeding, baby development and the early years, all in one place. 

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There's a reason that Thousands' of mums have joined the Carol App Community.

Download, create your profile and connect, it's that easy!

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Meet mums nearby who are raising children in a similar situation to you. Join communities of mums with similar interests. Simply create your profile adding your bio, photo and location, and the algorithm matches you with mums who share the same interests and live within a nearby location to you. Mums can also create groups, join groups and create their own communities. 

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