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Activities for Babies (3-9 Months): A Guide for New Mums

Our community send so many questions about keeping little ones entertained between 3-9 months - it's hard to know how to keep them entertained day to day. As your little one grows, it's incredible to watch them hit new milestones and develop skills. Between 3 to 9 months, babies become increasingly active and curious, making it a perfect time to introduce various activities that can stimulate their senses and aid their development.

Here's a breakdown of activities tailored for each age group:

3-4 Months

At this age, your baby is becoming more alert and interested in their surroundings.

1. Tummy Time: Lay your baby on their tummy for short periods. It helps strengthen their neck and upper body muscles. Use a play mat and engage with them, encouraging them to lift their head.

2. High-Contrast Cards: Babies love black and white patterns at this age. Show them high-contrast cards or books to stimulate their vision.

3. Talk and Sing: Your voice is soothing and familiar. Talk, sing, or read to your baby. They may coo back, which is their way of joining the conversation!

5-6 Months

Your baby is becoming more physically active and might even start rolling over.

1. Rolling Play: Encourage rolling by placing toys just out of your baby's reach. Celebrate when they roll over to grab them.

2. Texture Play: Introduce toys with different textures. Soft toys, rattles, and teething toys are great for exploring and soothing gums.

3. Mirror Play: Babies are fascinated by reflections. Hold them in front of a mirror and watch as they interact with their reflection.

7-8 Months

Your baby may start to sit up unsupported and become more interactive.

1. Peek-a-Boo: A classic that never gets old. Hide behind your hands or a blanket and then pop out, saying "peek-a-boo!"

2. Stacking and Knocking: Offer soft blocks or cups for your baby to stack. They'll enjoy knocking them over too!

3. Bubbles: Gently blow bubbles and let your baby watch them float and pop. They might even try to catch them.

9 Months

By now, your baby is becoming a little explorer, possibly crawling and wanting to discover everything.

1. Crawling Course: Create a safe obstacle course using cushions, encouraging them to crawl over or around them.

2. Simple Games: Introduce games like "Pat-a-Cake" or "This Little Piggy."

3. Interactive Books: Opt for touch-and-feel books or ones with flaps. It's a fun way for them to engage and improve their motor skills.

Remember, every baby is unique and will develop at their own pace. While these activities are guidelines, always follow your baby's cues and interests. The most important thing is to enjoy these moments, engage with your baby, and celebrate each new discovery. You're doing an amazing job, and these activities will only deepen the bond between you and your little one.

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