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Carol Recommends - MAM Self Sterilising Bottles

We know that sterilising bottles can be a hassle particularly when going abroad or on roadtrips with your little ones. This is why we absolutely love the MAM Self Sterilising Bottles and recommend them! The MAM Self Sterilising Bottles take the hassle out of sterilising with bottles that do the work themselves! The MAM Self Sterilising Bottles are also anti-colic and claim to reduce colic by 80% which we can vouch for - having used them ourselves and no issues with colic, we really rate the bottles for helping!

All you need for the bottles to sterilise themselves is water and a microwave and then you simply follow these three steps; baring in mind that if you are sterilising more than one bottle, the time in the microwave does vary so make sure you check out the instructions:

  • Fill the base of the bottle with cool water using the measuring cap provided in the bottle lid

  • Place the bottle components on top of the base and place in the microwave

  • Heat the bottle in the microwave for 3 minutes - it's then sterile!

The MAM Self Sterilising Bottles are absolutely worth the money and having tried and tested the bottles ourselves and still use them, we 100% recommend giving them a try!

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