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Community Questions - Fussy Eating

'My toddler is turning into a fussy eater, any tips?'

  1. Try to relax before feeding your little one, going into lunch or dinner more relaxed has helped for us!

  2. Reducing snacks between mealtimes has really helped us, we offered more water instead of more than 1 snack and our son has started tucking into his meals much better!

  3. Try to stick with what you have made for your little one to eat without making another 1/2 options - this has worked for our son, we keep the food in front of him and he's usually tucking in after 5-10 minutes. We used to make him different meals if he refused the first option and it turned out to be the worst idea as he used it as a game and it made the situation worse!

  4. Sit down and eat with your little one - even if it's a small portion, toddlers model your behaviour so by them seeing you eat, they can encourage them to do the same!

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