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Community Questions - Activities for babies 6-12 months?

'Hi Mums! Do you have any ideas of indoor play activities I can do to entertain my 8 month old baby boy? Most of the baby classes we go to have finished for Xmas and needing some ideas! Thank you."

Yes absolutely! 6-12 months is a great age to get creative and make your own sensory play for your little one, especially ones that are very cheap and cost effective!

- Putting some ice cubes in a ziplock bag that is firmly locked and putting your little one on their tummy to play with it is a double win for tummy time and sensory play as they will move the ice around the bag and can keep them entertained for a little while!

- Putting some uncooked rice in a plastic bottle with the lid on and making your own make-shift shaker! This game kept our little ones entertained for a good 10-15 minutes and it's so easy and quick to make! You could also use uncooked pasta if you don't have any rice.

- Adding a small amount of water to a tray with some food colouring is also a fun activity for the little ones. They may make a little mess as they use their hands to touch and splash about, so make sure you sit them on a towel!

Peekaboo, playing nursery rhymes and letting them explore/look at some baby books are also nice ways to keep your baby entertained!

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