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Community Questions - Affordable baby clothes that last?

'Mamas! Can you please share your top affordable baby brand of clothes that last? We have our baby due in 3 months and don't want to spend a fortune seen as they grow so fast and that we can keep as it's our first so we want to keep the clothes for any future babies! Thanks VM!"

Congratulations on your pregnancy, that's so exciting!! We hope you are doing well.

Choosing the best quality baby clothes that are affordable and last is so important, we're right there with you! Some of the most affordable baby brand of clothes that tend to last longer from our personal experiences are:

Mori and Mamas and Papas are also faves of ours and although more expensive, do often have great sales and discounts, so keep an eye out here too!

We would also recommend to check out some second hand market places as you can often pick up second hand baby and toddler clothes that are well known brands but a fraction of the price! Second hand market places include:

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