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Superhuman Activations : The App You Need To Know About

'This App has changed my life drastically"

Who is the version of you that has what you want? Superhuman is designed to bring clarity to your goals and the app’s audio activations are made to help you achieve that dream life of yours. Welcome to the forefront of audio innovation, Activations™ - the app that uses neuroscience to make dreams a reality. Activations are a new groundbreaking type of audio that are a mix between a motivational podcast, cinematic music and guided visualization.

In the bustling journey of motherhood, finding moments for self-care and mental wellness can sometimes feel like a quest for the superhuman. Well, enter the Superhuman App, a beacon of support for mums who are pressed for time but eager to infuse their day with mindfulness and positivity. An App used daily and loved by Carol App Founder, Holly Zoccolan, let's explore how the Superhuman App stands out as an incredible resource for mums looking to activate their inner calm and strength amidst the chaos of daily life.

What is the Superhuman App?

The Superhuman App is a mobile App designed to cater to individuals who aim to enhance their mental and physical well-being through structured, easy-to-use activations. For mums, this app promises a sanctuary where they can retreat, even if only for a few minutes, to rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

1. Quick Activation Sessions: Understanding that time is precious, especially for new mums, the app offers short sessions that range from as little as five minutes to 35+ minutes. These are perfect for squeezing in a quick activation while the baby naps, cleaning the house, doing the laundry or even during a brief pause in a hectic day.

2. Guided Activations: Tailored to various needs, the activations focus on topics like stress reduction, sleep improvement, and enhancing self-esteem—common areas of concern for mums navigating all stages of parenthood.

3. Positive Affirmations: The app delivers an array of inspiring affirmations designed to boost confidence and positivity. These are not only uplifting but are also a fantastic tool for mums to model positive mental health habits in front of their children.

4. User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive design, the app allows users to easily navigate through different activations, making it less daunting for those who are not tech-savvy.

5. Customisation: Superhuman App recognises the uniqueness of every mum's journey and offers customisable features that allow users to tailor their experiences based on their specific needs and available time.

Benefits of Superhuman

- Efficiency and Effectiveness: The quick activations are a no brainer for mums on-the-go, making it feasible to engage in regular self-care without feeling overwhelmed by time constraints.

- Accessibility: Available anytime and anywhere, the app provides a flexible solution that fits into various daily routines, whether at home or on the move.

- Mental Clarity and Relaxation: Regular use of the app can significantly improve mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and foster a general sense of well-being, which is crucial for mums surrounded by the constant demands of parenting.

Feedback from users consistently highlights how the Superhuman App has become an integral part of their daily routine. Carol App Founder, Holly Zoccolan states, "It's like having a mini-retreat at my fingertips. I truly can't go a day without it! The mindset shift I experience after listening to an activation is like nothing else I have ever tried!" Noting her favourite activation is 'Become Your Magnetic Future Self' which is 'the perfect audio on the daily pram walks!'

For mums navigating the rewarding yet demanding path of parenthood, the Superhuman App emerges as a supportive and empowering companion. It's more than just an app; it's a tool that enriches a mum's ability to maintain her well-being while juggling the myriad tasks of daily life. With its user-friendly interface, quick activations, and deeply enriching content, the Superhuman App is indeed a superlative choice for mums yearning for a slice of peace and positivity.

In essence, the Superhuman App is not just beneficial; it's essential for any mum looking to reclaim a sense of self and serenity amid the beautiful whirlwind of motherhood. It’s clear that this app isn’t just about finding time for mindfulness—it’s about making time for yourself, proving that even supermums need a moment to breathe and be inspired.

It's more than just listening,

It's more than just dreaming,

It's more than just achieving…

Find out why 91% of users report an impactful shift after just one session and why 74% see a significant life transformation within the first three months.

Superhuman is backed by science and self-image psychology, and it really works. Superhuman is the only tool that makes it super easy to integrate visualization into your daily life through audio. Whether you want to lose weight, earn more money, get clarity or simply just feel like you’re reaching your potential in life… listening to these activations in everyday moments is going to get you there faster. They will remind you to embody the energy of your future self, which in turn will help you change your thoughts, beliefs and actions to align with that “future you”.

As the talk of towns from LA to London, our exclusive audio app boasts a user base of celebrities and top athletes, including the likes of Miranda Kerr and Olympic champions.

Superhuman is your gateway to an unparalleled life, combining visualization, emotive tunes, and motivational guidance rooted in self-image psychology. The Superhuman Method™ is designed to rewire your brain, fostering real, tangible change swiftly and effectively.

Superhuman offers a diverse library of content for every moment of your day. A sneak peek into some content on the app:

- Lucky Girl Energy Affirmations (listen while you’re getting ready in the morning)

- Expect Good Things To Happen (a 2 minute pep talk - listen while you’re in the car before a meeting)

- Manifest Your Dream Partner (a guided journaling activation to help you attract what you want)

- Feel Wealthy + Abundant (a walking activation to help you uplevel while getting your steps in)

How is Superhuman different? While meditation is made to calm you, activations are made to transform you into your best self. If you’ve tried meditation and haven’t been able to stick to it as a habit, activations are for you. They are also fundamentally different to meditation - meditation is meant to calm you, and activations are to transform you into your best possible self. Activations are a lot more exciting to listen to!

Superhuman activations use Pavlovian principles to combine new thoughts with daily actions, allowing you to live your future now.

This is about more than dreaming; it's about creating. Gain unlimited access to over 600 transformative Superhuman activations and daily affirmations, and start seeing results like never before:

- Multiply your income by 10x

- Attain your healthiest body

- Fall deeply in love with yourself

- Ignite a zest for life each day

- Cultivate meaningful relationships

- Pave the path for new opportunities

Why Choose Superhuman?

- Elevate every moment of your day with motivational audio.

- Use a proven method rooted in self-image psychology.

- Seamlessly integrate Activations™ into your daily life.

- Accessible for both personal growth beginners and seasoned wellness experts.

Value Propositions:

- Unique audio activations for every moment

- Trusted by over 100,000 users

- A library of 600+ activations across 15+ categories

- 14-day free trial

- Money back guarantee

Featured In: Cosmopolitan, Vice, SheKnows, EveryGirl, and more.

Superhuman users have seen remarkable transformations, achieving unparalleled clarity, focus, and prosperity. Users report quadrupling their income, improving their health, and enriching their relationships through Superhuman Activations™.

- “Fun fact I canceled my Netflix subscription to pay for my Superhuman subscription.”

“I am in my happiest body, my relationships are thriving, I am manifesting money from random places and I just feel like… me again.”

- “These audios are the perfect mix between visualization and motivation.”

- “I use this app 3 to 4 times a day and it has changed my life drastically.”

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to revolutionize your life. Superhuman is the ultimate way to visualize your future self! Activations are the shortcut to get to where you want to be, and you can only find them on Superhuman app.

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Discounts applied automatically at checkout on our website. Note: The discount is only available through the website, not the app store.

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