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Community Questions - Affordable Baby Play Mat?

"I'm wanting to get my daughter a baby gym / playmat but they are all £40+ that I can find. I want one that's more affordable but that will keep her entertained too! Can you please share any suggestions you have?"

Absolutely! We found getting the right play mat a minefield as there are so many available and with such varying price points! We managed to find a play mat that we love and at £25, it's definitely good value! The play mat we would recommend is the KinderKraft Play mat which has over 2,000 4.8* reviews and we can see why! The Kinderkraft Play mat comes with:

  • DIVERSITY OF TOYS - 7 toys included: mirror, rattling book, 2 teethers, rattle, squeaking tiger, jingling elephant. The mat comes also with 20 balls in 4 colors, providing an additional form of entertainment for children

  • PLAYPEN FUNCTION - The base of the mat is thick and thus very soft, and the sides can be lifted and fastened together to form a playpen. Its walls are a real curiosity because each of them represents a different story

  • ADJUSTING THE BARS - Toy bars with a universal connector that allows adjusting the distance to the playing child

  • ACCESSORIES - Included is a comfortable cushion improving the comfort of lying on the tummy. A child can also play lying on their back or sitting

  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Original colours, in particular the contrast of white and black, will help the toddler discover the world from the very first days of life

Little ones should never be left alone on a play mat and should always be supervised as per guidance.

We also love the Kinderkraft as it's easy to wash and folds away quite small which means you can tidy it away and it won't take up much space - bonus!!

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