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Community Questions - Baby Ball Pits!

"We are thinking about getting our daughter a ball pit as she loved it at soft play, can you please share any recommendations?"

Baby ball pits are so much fun for little ones, a few of us mums at Carol App have bought our little ones them and they have had provided hours of entertainment as baby gets older! We got ours when our babies were 8 and 10 months and although this goes without saying, always make sure you are supervising your little one when they are playing in a ball pit.

There are a number of different brands out there and it depends on what your preference is in terms of size, colour and budget, too!

We loved the Selonis Soft Ball Pit which is on amazon - they have a range of colours to choose from for the balls and pit, are made from non-toxic materials, easy to clean and is recommended from 9 months +. The pit comes with 200 balls.

KiddyMoon Ball Pit - also available on amazon, the KiddyMoon ball pit is perfect for fitting into a corner of a room and is more space-efficient than the Selonis - the KiddyMoon also comes with 200 balls and is made from non-toxic materials.

Eocusun Kids - this pop-up ball bit is great as you can fold it away and keep it in storage when not in use. It's affordable (£8.99) however doesn't come with the balls so they will need to be purchased separately. The Eocusun is suitable from 6 months +. Another pop-up ball pool tent is the Amison which also doesn't come with the balls - however this ball pool tent also has a net so your little one can throw the balls to the net as they get older. The Amison is also foldable and can be stored when not in use.

You want to make sure that the ball pit isn't filled too full for your little one and that they can sit inside comfortably making sure the balls aren't completely covering them.

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