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Community Questions - Baby Bouncers!

"Mums - baby bouncer advice please! There's so many out there, which one did you have?"

Having a baby bouncer/rocker is important as it's somewhere safe that we can put our baby when we need to use both hands - even though we know that we are superwomen multitaskers, sometimes we do need to put our little one down. Having a bouncer with your new baby is so invaluable to buy yourself a tiny bit of time, especially as a new mum! The majority of bouncers are suitable from birth until around 6 months although some may vary so always make sure you check!

There are certain things we want to look for when buying our baby bouncer:

- A Harness - this keeps your baby safe, secure and supported. Making sure that the harness feels firm and won't come undone unexpectedly is key.

- A reclining seat position - a bouncer which reclines means that your baby can get more comfortable, potentially have a short nap, and is an important aspect to make sure your bouncer has, if your little one suffers from reflux!

- Newborn Insert - this helps to offer extra support for your newborn, particularly around their head and neck,

There are so many bouncers on the market, but there is also a huge difference in the cost of them all. You will use your bouncer a lot and if you do have another baby, you will want to make sure that your bouncer will stand the test of time and is of top quality. There are brilliant second hand marketplaces you could look to for your bouncer, for example The Octopus Club .

Some of our favourite bouncers used and loved by the Carol App Team are:

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft £185 - offering three recline positions, can be folded flat, has incredibly soft and machine washable fabric (serious win!) offers head and back support for your little one and can be used between 0-2 years!

Mamas & Papas Capella Baby Bouncer Cradle - Dream Upon a Cloud £69 - offering 4 different relaxing melodies, 2 interactive toys on the toy bar, supports your babies head with it's head hugger pillow and has a compact design making it easy for storage as well as an easy-wipe cover for quick cleaning. Suitable from birth - 6 months.

Aden + Anais Transition Seat Baby Bouncer and Rocker £115 - this baby bouncer seat can be used from newborns - 2 years. It includes an interactive toy bar, has detachable covers making it easy to wash, is lightweight and folds flat. (Please note that this product is very popular and is often sold out.)

Bababing! Float baby Bouncer - £39.99 - excellent value for money, contains a toy bar, removable fabric making it very easy to clean, lightweight and is suitable from birth - 6 months / 9kgs.

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