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Community Questions - Baby Carriers?

"Please can you share your top baby carriers? We are looking to buy one for our baby due in March and there's so many to choose from!"

We absolutely loved our baby carriers - they are so handy for being able to have both hands free as well as carrying your little one! We used our baby carriers most days if not every day so here are our top baby carriers!

Our top baby carrier would have to be the BabyBjorn One - £175 - The BabyBjorn One can be used from newborn to three years (3.5kg - 15 kg) with its' easy to use zip system. The One has 4 different carrying positions, is comfortable has foot supports for your little one and is long lasting. We love our BabyBjorn One at Carol and it's always our number 1 recommended baby carrier!

The BabyBjorn Mini - £89 - is also a great carrier and is notoriously easy to use yourself if you don't have a helping hand getting your baby in the carrier and getting it set up. The Mini can be used from newborn to 11kg, enables baby to be forward facing or inner facing, is comfortable and very easy to use.

The Erogbaby 360 Omni Breeze - £165 - can be used from 7lbs to 20kg. It is a sturdy and long lasting baby carrier. The Erobaby Omni Breeze uses 'softflex' mesh fabric to maximise airflow and is very comfortable for both baby and wearer. The Omni Breeze offers 4 different carry positions and is a good option for those families who travel often, especially to warmer climates due to the 'softflex' fabric being breathable.

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