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Community Questions: Baby play gyms?

"I'm looking for a baby play gym that I can put my baby down on and will keep her entertained but that isn't too big for our living room please can you share some good brands? Thanks a lot!"

Play gyms are so brilliant for little ones and are a great place to put your baby down if you need both hands and to keep them busy! Play gyms are ideal for baby from birth until they can move about by themselves as no doubt they will wiggle themselves off their play gym and find other things to occupy themselves!

There are a number of different baby play gyms out there, here are the ones that we would recommend and have used for our little ones! Remember to always make sure you are watching your baby on their play mat and don't leave them unattended.

Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Mat - £51.00 - This mat is suitable from 0-24 months and contains 7 different toys to keep your little one entertained. It's very easy to assemble, has a soft mat for baby to lay down on, contains a self discovery mirror and helps with improving babies development.

Tiny Love Luxe Developmental Gymini Baby Activity Mat - £107.99 - this play mat has 20 different activities for baby helping to keep your baby engaged and entertained. It is suitable from birth and is also very cute looking if this is something that you are bothered about!

Tiny Love Black and White Gymini - £60 - This 2 in 1 play mat has a number of different activities and interactive toys to help keep your little one entertained. This mat is suitable from 0-6 months. This mat is very easy to clean, comfortable for baby to lay down on and very easy to put together. The toys are stimulating for your little one and this mat is a great sensory play mat.

Baby Einstein 4 in 1 Kickin' Tunes and Language Discovery Play Gym - £44.99 - this play mat is very interactive, contains a lot of different sensory and stimulating activities. We would say that compared with other play mats, the mat on the Baby Einstein was a little thin and did seem more uncomfortable for our little ones to lay on.

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