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Community Questions - Baby Shower Games!

"Hi! I'm planning my baby shower and finding it hard to come up with games we can play - please can you share any games suggestions that work well in a baby shower! Obviously alcohol free!! Thanks."

Here are some of the top played baby shower games that we have had at our own baby showers as well as games that friends have played at theirs!

  1. Guess the baby! This is a classic baby shower game! You will need a baby photo of all the guests attending and either attach the photos to a short presentation (Canva is great for this!) or you can add them all to a word doc and print and hand them out to your guests! Everyone writes down who they think the baby is and then it's a real laugh revealing the results! The guest with the most right answers wins!

  2. Baby predictions! There are cards that you can get on Amazon or Etsy and all the guests write down their predictions for the baby - who the baby will look more like, the gender if it's not known, the weight, hair colour and eye colour and personality of the baby as they grow up! This game is a really nice keepsake and is cute to look back on once baby is here!

  3. Guess the song! You will need a playlist and some pens and paper for the guests. Create a playlist of 10/15 songs. You will play each song for 5 seconds on the playlist and the guests have to write down the song name and artist! The winner is the guest who gets the most correct! You could also change this up and ask your guests to write down each song they can think of with the word 'Baby' in it within a 4-5 minute time limit! Whoever has the most songs written down wins!

  4. Guess the babies size! With a long piece of string, cut it into a number of balls so that there is 1 between 2 guests. Ask the guests to cut the string to the length that they think would fit perfect around mum-to-be's baby bump! Whoever gets closest is the winner!

  5. Celebrity babies! This is another fun game. Again, either create a presentation or print word documents with photos of celebrities as babies on and hand them out to your guests for them to guess the celebrity babies! Whoever gets the most right wins!

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