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Community Questions - Baby Skincare?

"What baby skin care would you recommend? There's so many options!"

This is such a broad question and there are so many factors to consider! Babies' skin is much more sensitive than adults' (5 times more sensitive!) and taking care of your little ones delicate skin is quite a complex topic.

For the first month of your babies' life, it is recommended to only use water on your little ones skin and to especially avoid any products that contain perfumes, artificial colours, parabens, sulphates, phthalates. We also changed all of our washing powder to natural powder (Bambino Mio) when we had our little ones, and still use this now our children are toddlers!

Once your little one is older than 4 weeks, you could start to introduce some moisturiser to babies' routine, particularly if it's during the winter months and your baby appears to be getting dry skin. One of our favourite products for protecting your little ones skin throughout the colder months is the Weleda Skin Protection Balm which is made with 100% natural ingredients and we found to really nourish and hydrate our babies' skin.

Another of our favourite products for when our little ones had drier skin was the Weleda Baby White Mallow Face Cream that is incredibly gentle on babies skin, contains no fragrance and really rehydrates and nourishes dry skin on your little one.

For babies with extra sensitive skin, the Organic Babies Softening Baby Lotion is another great option. With zero fragrance, organic ingredients and Omega-6 fatty acids, the Organic Babies softening baby lotion is very nourishing and hydrating for babies skin.

If your little one is suffering from nappy rash, we found the Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil very soothing and helps protect babies skin from further irritation. We also found the Kokoso brilliant at getting rid of cradle cap where we add a small amount of the oil to our babies scalp and gently rub in light, circular motions to the area where the cradle cap is. We then leave the oil on overnight and gently comb the area in the morning where the skin flakes easily come away from the scalp.

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