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Community Questions - Baby sleep bags?

"Can you please share which baby sleep bags you use for your little ones? Thank you"

In terms of sleeping bags there are so many on the market and finding one that is comfortable, safe, helps baby regulate their temperature and isn't too expensive can be hard! NB: We want to avoid adding anything into babies crib such as pillows, toys, blankets -making sure that the crib is completely empty, until baby is over 1 years old to avoid a possibility of accidental suffocation - this is why sleeping bags are often recommended. The Lullaby Trust has recommended sleeping bags to help reduce the chance of SIDS. Sleeping bags also help to keep your baby snug, comfortable and could therefore help with babies sleep. There are many options available with sleeping bags and we want to be aware of the different 'Tog' size - The tog size depends on the time of year and thickness of the sleeping bag - generally speaking, a 2.5 tog is the most popular thickness for a lot of the year, especially in the UK, however you would likely want to switch to 0.5 - 1.5 tog during the height of summer for warmer nights. We would recommend always doing your research with sleeping bags and buy from a reputable brand to ensure the safety of the product.

Some of our top sleeping bags are:

Lictin Baby Sleeping Bag 0.5 Tog (2 pack) - £22.95

Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag - £29.99

Snuz Baby Sleeping Bag 2.5 Tog - £24.95

Jojomamanbebe Sleeping Bag 2.5 Tog - £28

M&S Pure Cotton Sleeping Bag (2 pack) - £40

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