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Community Questions - Baby Sling/Wraps

"I'm wondering if there's any baby slip/wraps you would recommend from newborn? Thank you"

We absolutely loved our baby wrap, especially with our second! Having hands free with a toddler running around was very helpful to say the least! Always remember to double check the safe positioning of your little one with TICKS:

TICKS is a set of rules created by the UK Sling Consortium to help parents baby wear safely. TICKS stands for:

  • Tight

  • In view at all times

  • Close enough to kiss

  • Keep chin off chest

  • Supported back

Our favourite baby wrap/slings are:

Boba Wrap - Easy to use once you have used a few times, very comfortable, can be used from birth and has a good amount of stretch!

Organic Stretchy Wrap - Easy to use, comfortable, breathable and can be used from birth! Also affordable.

Izmi Wrap - A little more expensive, the Izmi is a very popular baby wrap/sling. It can be used from birth, has soft stretch natural cotton material, and has a hip healthy design for your little one.

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