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Community Questions - Baby Wipes.

"Hello Mamas! Can you share which baby wipes you used for your babies? We are wanting some that are good for sensitive skin but aren't too expensive as I've been told we will go through a lot of them!"

Baby wipes are definitely an essential for us - not only for nappy changing but also for wiping babies face, hands and spilt food and drink when they get older - especially when out and about!

There are a lot of brands out there and these are the ones we used for our little ones - for newborns, it's recommended that they only be cleaned with cotton wool and warm water and 'fragrance free and alcohol-free wipes' - NHS Guidance. For Newborns, WaterWipes are most often used and preferred by parents, they cost around £3 for 60 wipes and contain 99.9% purified and filtered water with a tiny amount of grapefruit seed extract. WaterWipes are very gentle on babies skin. They are on the more expensive side per wipe and although great for the newborn stage, the Carol App Team moved onto different brands once baby was over 10 weeks old. We also loved the Cheeky Panda 99% purified water wipes for the newborn stage too!

When baby is a little older, the Mamabear Sensitive wipes are great - they are gentle on baby, unscented, do a good job of cleaning up and are reasonably priced too - around £5 for 6 packs of wipes! We also use the Pampers Sensitive wipes - non fragranced and are a great wet consistency so do a good job at cleaning too! The Pampers are a little more pricey than the Mamabear wipes so that's definitely worth noting!

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