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Community Questions - Best Eco Nappies!

"Can anyone recommend the best eco nappies for my little one please? There's so much choice and I don't know which to go with! Thanks."

Our top choice at Carol App is the brand Kit and Kin - Kit and Kin are the top eco nappy brand used and loved by the team at Carol App. Kit and Kin won the Platinum Junior Design Award and for good reason! They are a favourite for us as they cover all bases across being better for the environment, comfortable for little ones, have no leaking issues reported from our team (very important!!) , good for sensitive skin and also really cute with their designs. Kit and Kin also offer reusable cloth nappies as well as their disposable nappies which are made from sustainable, plant-derived materials including bio-based gels and FSC® certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Kit & Kin nappies are also produced in a carbon neutral factory!

We have tried a few different brands, but Kit and Kin absolutely comes out on top for us!

(And FYI, This post isn't sponsored, just our genuine opinion!)

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