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Community Questions - Doona Car Seat/Pram

'Have you got the Doona car seat/pram? Would you recommend it?'

The Doona Car Seat claims to make travelling with your little one that little bit easier as the car seat transforms into a pram and easily folds back into being a car seat in seconds. Not having to wake your baby up when they fall asleep in the car is a game changer and really does make life easier! It's important to remember that in line with guidance you shouldn't leave your little one in any car seat for longer than 2 hours. The Doona Car Seat weighs 6.5kg so it is pretty heavy getting in and out of the car (and that's without baby's weight added), but it's just one simple motion opening and closing the car seat into a pram and then back to a car seat. The Doona is so easy to use and all cloth parts are washable which is a plus from us! The car seat is suitable from birth - 13kg making it long lasting and worth the money in our opinion!

In terms of using the Doona to travel abroad, it's TUV and FAA aircraft approved and is very easy to use when walking around in the airport too! The Doona can be attached using a seatbelt meaning that it's great for if you are using a hire car on the other side as it can be easily attached to the sear. Doona has to meet European standards for car seats, strollers and reclined cradles and it comes with many safety features.

The Doona is great if you are a family on the go. At £399 it is a high expense but when you put together the cost of a pram and a separate car seat, it's probably not that much more expensive if at all. The ease of using the Doona, it's safety features and durability makes the Doona worth it in our eyes!

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