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Community Questions - Flying with a baby!

"We are about to go on our first family holiday with our son who is 6 months. Do you have any tips? Feeling quite nervous about the flight!"

We have all been there - the first flight with your little one can seem daunting. There are a few things that we recommend and have done ourselves when flying with little ones to make it a little easier, hopefully these will help!

- If you can pre-book your seats by a bassinet, we would recommend doing this! Many airlines provide bassinets on a first come first serve basis and it can make a huge difference to your babies sleep on the plane, especially long haul flights!

- Pack plenty of food and snacks for you and your little one - and if you are bottle feeding, prepare your bottles in advance so you are all ready to go. You can take formula and breastmilk through security no problem!

- We try to dress our little ones in zip-up onesies when travelling to make changes much easier and quicker than poppers or a full outfit of top and trousers - it also means if there are any sick/nappy incidents you can quickly whip off the onesie and put on another!

- If you are checking in your pram, we would recommend wearing your baby through the airport to make it that bit easier particularly with having to unload the pram and pack it down to go through security. A few of us on the Carol App team have the Yoyo Baby Zen and we couldn't recommend it more for travelling, you can take it down the aisle of the plane as it fits and easily folds down to go in the overhead locker.

- Change your babies nappy just before you get on the flight - it's a lot easier than changing them on the plane.

- We also make sure we have enough dummies with us for the flight and pack an extra two, with dummy clips, so they can be clipped onto babies onesie and they won't fall on the floor and get filthy.

- Bring a few toys and books, but you don't need to overdo it and end up carrying an extensive amount of things with you!

- Finally, we recommend packing some disinfectant wipes!

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