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Community Questions - Nappy Rash Cream

'Is there a gentle nappy rash cream you suggest using? My son has sensitive skin. Thanks'

Yes - our little ones also have sensitive skin. We found the Weleda Nappy Cream to be the most gentle and effective nappy cream on the market. The Weleda Nappy Cream claims to:

  • Protect the delicate skin of the nappy area

  • Help protect and nourish the skin

  • Supporting its natural functions

  • Reduces redness and supports skin regeneration

  • Specially formulated to care for baby and infant skin

- we can vouch for all of this. It's the only Nappy Cream we feel comfortable using on our little ones. The Weleda Nappy Cream is organic and its' biodynamic calendula and chamomile extracts help to soothe irritation and comfort the skin.

Hope that helps!

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