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Community Questions - Sex after Having a Baby : Meet 'The Oh Collective'

We get so many questions from our Community about sex after having a baby, feeling like it isn't spoken about enough, the anxieties surrounding it and mums wanting to open the conversation up, and we couldn't agree more!

We would always suggest speaking to your midwife and/or GP around any concerns you may have about when to have sex again post birth and it will be different for every mum! Questions that we get asked regularly are around wanting to 'spice things up' a little more, not feeling the same way towards sex as before little one arrived and how to get back to the excitement that sex was before.

With that said, we are delighted to introduce you to The Oh Collective, a taboo-breaking sexual wellness company who have dreamed up a fresh collection of sexual wellness products, created with sexologists and The Oh Collective's community, and a series of inclusive and educational experiences to help more people reclaim sexual pleasure and inspire others to embrace sexual wellness.

The Oh Collective collaborates with sexologists, sex educators, and their community to develop products that bring fun and pleasure into the bedroom without the taboo and shame.

Some of our favourite products by The Oh Collective are the two massage oil candle sets, "Rub Me Tender" and "Turn Me On", inspired by the inner call to slow down, enjoy the present, and introduce more relaxation to our intimate lives. Confronting a digital world, the sets invite singles and partners to explore the benefits of touch, which is proven to help reduce stress, increase intimacy, boost moods, enhance communication, and improve overall physical health.

Both sets include a low-temperature natural soy and coconut wax candle and a complementary white opal stone gua sha body massager which we can't get enough of!

Rub Me Tender Candle: Made with orange and lavender essential oils that help relax the body and spark a sensation of arousal

Turn Me On Candle: Made with bergamot and vetiver essential oils that uplift and set the mood for a romantic evening

The Massage Oil Candle Sets help to set the mood and introduce relaxation to your evening which can help with slowing down and intimacy. We would recommend giving them a try and let us know what you think!

The Oh Collective are offering the Carol Community an exclusive 10% off when you spend a minimum of €30 with code CAROL .

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