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Community Questions - Sleep Tips!

"I'm struggling to sleep even when my baby is asleep in the night - any mums got any sleep tips for me as well as my newborn! TYI!"

There are a few things you can try to help improve your sleep as well as your new borns - different tips work for different people but here are some general tips that you may find helpful!

  1. For mum - trying to stick to the same nighttime routine/ the same bedtime, can help your body get into a rhythm and plays a role in your nighttime hormones too! Trying to go to bed at the same time on a night and wake up at the same time in the morning can help these hormones and therefore help you sleep much better in the night.

  2. For mum - try get some movement in when you can - taking your baby for a walk outside, meeting a friend for a coffee and walking there and back, trying to keep active when you can can also help to improve your sleep in the night too! You may not have tons of energy with your little one keeping you busy, but try to move where you can, particularly in the late afternoon/early evening.

  3. For baby - have you tried a white noise machine? White noise machines have been shown to help improve babies sleep in the night by relaxing the body and helping the body get into that restorative REM sleep!

  4. For baby - many mums swear by a 'dream feed' between 10pm-12am which could help your little one have a longer stint of sleep in the middle of the night, meaning more sleep for you, too! You could have a look into this and see if you want to try it and give it a go - the idea is that you feed your baby whilst they are awake after they have been put down to bed, but with no stimulation such as noise or lights on so they stay in a sleepy state and fall back to sleep soon after the feed.

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