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The Review - EcoNaps Swim Nappies

EcoNaps Swim Nappies - 2 for £20

There are many different brands of swim nappies on the market and it can be daunting trying to find the ones to go with. Having tried many reusable swim nappy brands with our little ones including Jojo Maman Bebe, Bambino Mio, Liewood and Splash About, our favourite brand for swim nappies is EcoNaps!

The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies are great value for money (they currently have an offer of 2 swim nappies for £20!), have very cute prints and have fit our little ones for much longer than other brands - for example we found that our little ones grew out of the Splash About reusable swim nappies so fast and they became very tight and uncomfortable around our babies' thighs very soon after purchasing! The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies also seemed much comfier for our little ones than other brands we tried.

The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies are our number 1 reusable swim nappy by far!

'Our reusable swim nappies are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to disposables. Created with lightweight fabrics that won't weigh baby down, EcoNaps swim nappies feature an inner layer to catch number twos while letting liquids flow through. Your little one will enjoy many water-filled adventures in these stylish and comfy swimmers.'


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