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Carol Recommends - Azure Belle Period Swimwear

Dive into a New Era of Freedom in the Water: Revolutionary Sustainable Period Swimwear for Women!

We know what it's like getting your period just before you go on a family holiday or the morning you are heading down to the beach - especially when traditional swimsuits and tampons or pads can be unreliable, causing anxiety about potential leaks while swimming or walking around in your swimsuit. This is why we are delighted to share with you Azure Belle, the Australian brand revolutionising the period swimwear market. Designed by women for women, Azure Belle Period Swimwear ensures that ladies and teens never have to miss out on fun-filled moments with family and friends by creating the ultimate sustainable Period Swimwear pieces. Azure Belle allows women to dive into the water with comfort, confidence, and sustainable style, saying goodbye to worries about leaks or missing out during their period. Azure Belle's period swimwear really works and is loved by hundred's of other mums worldwide!

Founded by mum-of-three, Bryley ,the ultimate discreet, innovative and sustainable solution, period swimwear gives freedom to ladies and teens so they can embrace every moment without being limited by the day of the month. Helping you say goodbye to worries about leaks or missing out on summer fun around the pool with the kids thanks to their invisible protection and cutting-edge absorbency technology that has been independently tested by world-leading laboratories, Azure Belle is a summer must have.

"As a mother, I am responsible for setting the best possible example for my children—especially my daughters. But I realised that I still had my own hang-ups around my period. When I had my period, I could only swim and play in the pool with the kids if I wore a tampon or menstrual cup, both of which are invasive, uncomfortable, and ultimately end up in landfills. The leak-proof period options available were daggy (I may be a mum, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up my style), single-use, and harmful to the environment."

Azure Belle offers several swimwear styles, including swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style and body shape. You can also buy the bottoms separately if you wanted to just buy the Period Swimwear Briefs to mix and match with your own bikini tops. Prices for the swimwear start from just £20 and as the period swimwear is reusable, it helps you to reduce your use of single-use menstrual products when swimming!

Azure Belle's swimwear design incorporates discreet, cutting-edge absorbency technology that has been independently tested by world-leading laboratories. All women can have peace of mind and enjoy water activities with absolute freedom and reassurance with the in-built thin and discreet absorbency liner certified to absorb up to 6ml (1 regular tampon or pad holds 5ml).

Bryley, the founder of Azure Belle, shares her personal journey. "As a mum to two daughters, I know all too well the feeling of anxiety when your period coincides with important moments. We've all been there - getting our period right before a school swimming carnival or during a family holiday when the kids are eager to have you in the pool. At Azure Belle, we combine our dedication to sustainability with our mission to empower women and enable them to embrace freedom every day."

Bryley's inspiring journey has shaped the essence of Azure Belle, infusing the brand with her extraordinary journey of resilience, inspiration, and empowerment. During Bryley's third pregnancy, her life underwent a significant upheaval as her son received a life-threatening diagnosis at just 20 weeks gestation. This led to invasive in-utero surgery and his premature birth. Her son's tiny lungs were so severely damaged that at birth he required resuscitation and then seven weeks of life-sustaining ventilator support, unable to breathe on his own.

After 148 days in hospital, Bryley and her family were overjoyed to finally bring their son home. This life-altering experience profoundly shifted Bryley's perspective, highlighting the importance of self-belief, prioritising personal wellbeing, and cherishing time with her young family.

Bryley says by choosing Azure Belle period swimwear, not only can all ladies and teen fully participate in water-based activities, but they can also make an environmentally conscious choice. "Did you know that the average Australian woman uses around 10,000-12,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime? By opting for period swimwear, you reduce single-use waste and actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Let's make conscious choices that promote sustainability and create a world where women can fully embrace every aspect of their lives, unrestricted by the day of the month."

Azure Belle celebrates body positivity and offers inclusive sizing and style options that celebrate the diverse beauty of women of all shapes and sizes. "We want every woman to feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in her own skin while enjoying water-based activities."

Azure Belle period swimwear is designed and owned in Australia and is available in ladies' sizing 6-18 (AU) and teen sizing 8-16 (AU), with shipping available worldwide.

Period swimwear has emerged as a revolutionary product, providing women with the freedom to comfortably enjoy water activities during their menstrual cycle. With its leak-proof design, environmental sustainability, and inclusivity, Azure Belle Period Swimwear has meant that women can confidently celebrate their bodies and take control of their menstrual journeys, cherishing the joy of swimming without limitations.


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