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Community Questions - Baby Monitors!

"Hi there, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on baby monitors? One that you can have on your phone but that also has a screen you can take around the house with you? Thank you."

There are so many baby monitors out there, it can be a complete minefield and many at very different price points too! There are also different things to think about including whether you want your baby monitor to be wireless, battery powered or come with a mains charger. Generally speaking the baby monitors that need charging last up to 12 hours so will most likely need changing every day.

Some other things to consider are the video and camera quality, especially with good night vision as you are more than likely going to be using the baby monitor in a darker room. Movement alerts and crying detection may also be something that you want your baby monitor to have, but it's up to you what your preference is.

In terms of price, baby monitors can range from around £60 - over £200, so there is a big difference in price for some monitors.

Our top budget video monitor is the Motorola VM481 £87.95 as it offers video, a long range, doesn't require an app to be downloaded and is compact.

The Angelcare AC327 £149.99 is another baby monitor we would recommend. Slightly more expensive than the Motorola, however the Angelcare has an added movement sensor pad which tracks any small movements from your babies breathing and will alert you if there has been no movement for 15 seconds - giving you peace of mind. The Angelcare is also expandable, comes with a screen and an app so you can watch your baby on your phone too.

Our top Smart baby monitor is the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor £299 which is a sleep tracker, wearable and hybrid video monitor. The Nanit camera itself has movement tracking however the wearables (sold separately) enable you to track your babies sleep in more more detail, as well as their breathing. The Nanit also has an app so you can watch the camera from your phone. The Nanit is high-tech and offers amazing insights into your little ones sleep. The Nanit is definitely a higher price point than many other baby monitors however it does offer a lot more than the standard baby monitors and doesn't come with an additional screen, the camera can purely be viewed on the mobile app.

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